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711 S Vienna Street, Ruston, LA - MLS #195448

711 S Vienna Street


Ruston, LA
711 S Vienna Street
$ 425,000
Total Sq. Feet:
24,962 sq ft
Lot Size:
1.82 acres
Property Type:
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Ruston, Louisiana is energized and development is happening all around! One of her heirloom properties is now ready to be repurposed! The original use of this property was in serving its community as its first hospital. Most recently, LA Tech utiltized the space as its Biomedical Engineering Building. The current owner is now offering the opportunity to purchase the land, building and completed architectural plans to convert the building into either a 19-unit multi-family complex or an office/apartment "work/live" concept. Of course, many other uses are possible as well. Located in Ruston's Opportunity Zone, financial incentives are in place with support by the City to assist the new owner/operator in bringing this long-standing Ruston asset back to life! The Central Parkway zoning is intended to encourage quality commercial development along Highway 167 now branded as “Central Parkway” through Ruston, while protecting nearby residential neighborhoods. More uses will be streamlined as uses-by-right, which means that the Zoning Administrator can approve a development after it meets the new requirements. From the energized downtown area to the new 185-Acre state-of-the-art Sports Complex, Ruston invites you to join their active community of growth and opportunity! Zoning: CPS - Central Parkway Sports Central Parkway Sports (CPS) – from Line Avenue to Tennessee Avenue This is the primary transportation corridor to the new Ruston Sports Complex. Private property in this district is envisioned to provide supporting private development to compliment the public investment in the complex. Owner will subdivide land. Build to Suit options also considered. Fllod Plain Map, Zoning Map, Zoning Ordinances, Proposed Uses and Development Standards for City of Ruston are available upon request.

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I've used Heritage Realty to purchase an office building as well as to purchase a home. You cannot go wrong with Robyn and Heritage Realty. She knows the market and gets excited with you on your housing journey.

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